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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use
Unique features of
Who Who will benefit from HireJustME?
What is so special about 'HireJustMe profile'? Why is it unique and important?
Why we are safe?

Why use

Today's world is all about visibility. Different social media sites help us keep up with the fast world. People use blogs to share their expertise. Information is scattered everywhere. HireJustMe profile acts as a centralized profile which provides a better understanding of who you are and what you are. A very good listing site for all kinds of businesses.

Unique features of

- helps integrating information about people and businesses.
- Job seekers get more visibility with this website by publishing their own ads.
- All users can contact others. They have their own inbox to manage their messages.
- Businesses can create their profile with links from other profiles, blogs, articles etc.
- Companies get to spread the word- "why they are a great place to work" -using this website.
- HJM will not sell or distribute resumes.

Who will benefit from HireJustME?

1. Employment seekers: There are different categories depending upon the experience like fresher, experienced and executives. People who like to change jobs will benefit from this site very well.
2. Consultants/Contractors/Freelancers: Create profile and get searched by Job providers. Publish 'Services offered' ads and get contacted by anyone.
3. Companies: They create profile explaining why they are the best place to work and the benefits they provide to their employees. Membership is free. Companies will be able to publish their company job link also so that job seekers can find that company easily.
4. Recruiters: They will be able to add their profile for free. Since they are always on the lookout for good candidates, they will have great benefit using this website.
5. Career Resources: They are categorized into Career consultants, Employment lawyers & Career organizations/career websites/Educational institutions. Create your profile and searched by people looking for resources in career.

What is so special about 'HireJustMe profile'? Why is it unique and important?

Like the name suggests, HireJustME is about hiring 'ME' - as a seeker or provider of work.
HireJustMe profile helps in career branding for individuals and businesses in United States. The profile projects your brand, your culture, and your style. It helps you to project your professional brand with a personal touch.

Employment seekers: It is not just about your resume; but it is about you! It is not just about your education; but it is about your knowledge! It is not just about a job! It is about your dream job!
Hirejustme profile for employment seekers or people who is at work is unique because it is not about you personally; but about you at a job- about your preferences in a working environment.

Businesses: Businesses have reputation with their own characteristics which distinguishes them from others. You want to show why your business is better to work with. Companies want to show they always strive to be the best place to work making each of their employees feel worthy of their work.

Why we are safe?

- We are not taking personal contact information or other confidential information from people.
- We will never sell your information or email to others. It is up to the user what they provide in their profile.
- To avoid spammers- we use profiles with secure image code which can be understood only by human beings.
- By registering itself, no one can send messages and all. They have to activate the profile. Creating profile is a 3 step process:Registration, Filling basic details, and Activate.
- When people contact by sending a message, authenticity can be verified by checking their website and all other facts you can see in their profile.
- We use secure hosting as well as encryption for passwords.

Security is an area we will be striving to improve.